Ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails

Its ingrown nail season. It starts on the 1st of Jan and goes to the 31st of Dec.

There are many reasons this condition is so common and some cases have combined causes.

  1. Ill fitted shoes – too short or too high.
  2. Repetitive impact – at work or sport
  3. The nature shape of the nail – yes you can blame your parents about that one
  4. Foot mechanics – like flat feet
  5. Trauma – causing deformed , thickened nails
  6. Chronic fungal infections in the nails

Sometimes it’s incorrect fitting shoes with flat feet and you play soccer.

It can get complicated to work out just what has gone wrong.

Treatment may therefore be short and simple or a little bit more complex to have a permanent resolution  or require a small surgery to fix. I mentioned earlier the appearance and persistence of the simple ingrown toenail may only be the indicator of a more complex problem that will require a podiatrist to help resolve. This may initiate a course of treatment that may not only help the sore toe but that arthritic knee and that bothersome ankle by examining the limb`s mechanics and leg posture.

So if your ingrown toenail has not resolved by getting better fitting shoes and applying antiseptic cream with a dressing, then it is time to come in for a consultation.